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These maps are designed to run on a 100% healthy vehicle and assumes there are NO mechanical or electrical issues as they could cause severe damage during the tuning process. The maps should also only be ran on the specific fuel / octane / and modifications they were designed for. These maps are non transferable and should only be used on one vehicle. These maps cannot be duplicated and should never be shared on any public or private forums. Performing any performance modifications including modifying your factory ECU calibration can void your factory warranty and will produce more power/torque than the factory ever intended, damages can occur. Cryotune Performance LLC will not be held responsible or liable in any way for voided warranties as well as any damages during or after the tuning process.Cryotune Performance LLC cannot be held liable for any damages while flashing the ecu and loading or flashing any maps as freeze ups and cable connection malfunctions can cause issues. All Sales are Final and no refunds will be distributed at any time for any reason, regardless of the amount of completion or because of unforseen circumstances. By Flashing any map to your ECU produced Cryotune Performance LLC you agree to all of the statements above and use at your own risk. 

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