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Dyno Tuning

Custom Calibration Solutions

Dyno Rates

Dyno Calibration Per calibration for common reflash solutions (may include up to 4 maps depending on vehicle ie low power, high power, valet, etc.)


Prices can vary depending on model and work being performed

Second Alternate Fuel Map


Depending on model and work being performed *if performed during the same session as a pump gas tune

Subaru Flex Fuel Calibrations

Via COBB Accessport


Retune for new parts

*Partial map retune*

For any other questions about Dyno Tuning, please contact us for details.


Dyno Information

The Dyno calibration process is performed on our in-house All Wheel Drive Mustang MD150 with some custom upgrades, and the newest software available.

We offer custom calibration/tuning services for Subaru turbo models, Ford ECOBOOST cars, BMW E Series N54/N55 stock turbo cars, Volkswagon GTI/Golf R all via the COBB Accessport.

We are EcuTek Master Tuners and offer custom calibration/tuning services. Infinity 3.0 Twinturbo VR30, N55 F-series BMW, S55 BMW found in the M3/M4, The BMW 340I, The 2020/2021 Toyota Supra, Subaru BRZ (Naturally aspirated and Toyota Scion FRS as well as the FT86.

We are APR and Integrated Engineering vendors as well for Euro needs. 

We also offer some HP Tuners calibrations etc. for some models - Call or email to inquire Flex fuel tuning and dual map alternate fuel tuning are also available for multiple platforms depending on ECU and model, contact us for details.

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