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Technical Support & FAQ

This FAQ information is related to pre-tune/post-tune questions to help everyone out and obviously reduce the amount of emails needed to be answered, which would allow me more time to work on what is important, YOUR TUNES! My theory is by taking the time to write this I will allow you to be more prepared when it comes to making the most out of your e-tune. I will try and update this as needed since it is always the same questions that are being asked.

Always plan your setup and determine your goals before purchasing parts *i.e., how much power do I want to make? How fast do I want to go? What will I be doing with the car—drag, autocross, mountain carving, daily driver. This is the most often overlooked aspect when people begin throwing money at a car. They end up buying parts twice or more until they are happy with the overall performance and response; always remember power is not everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit:
    Provide detailed information about your car's issues and behavior. Include specifics like speeds, gears, and turning directions to help diagnose problems effectively.
  • Getting Your Car Ready for Performance Work or Calibrations:
    Proper maintenance is crucial. Consider fluid services, spark plug replacement, and carbon blasting to prepare for added performance. Discuss options with the Service Advisors for your specific vehicle.
  • Preparing for Dyno Testing:
    Ensure proper fluid levels. Check tire condition to avoid damage. Address any fluid leaks to prevent contamination of the dyno. Ensure the car has sufficient ground clearance (4-6 inches) for dyno testing.
  • Night Drop Off/Pick Up:
    Cryotune Performance offers night drop-off and pick-up services.
  • Why Choose Cryotune Performance:
    The team at Cryotune Performance are car enthusiasts. They prioritize creating a friendly and approachable environment. Customer service is a top priority. They have expertise in fixing, repairing, and modifying vehicles with professionalism. They genuinely care about their customers and their cars.

These FAQs and answers can be helpful for customers looking to understand how to make the most of their visit to Cryotune Performance and what to expect when getting performance work done on their cars.

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